Hashed emails and how it helps generate marketing ROI

Do you own a business that depends significantly on your efforts to reach out to leads and target audience? There are businesses developed for customers to come to you, but if your business is something that requires you to actively pursue them, then reverse email append services is just what your business needs.

Reverse email append services let you acquire new email addresses of customers or leads while matching old email ids with existing leads. These advanced data management services also marketers to update their data on their lead/customer master list so they can be sure about not wasting space in their database. It is essential to expand the database, in case a new a customer or lead is acquired.

Marketers are often in need of the three most essential customer or lead contact information – email, phone number and mailing address, since every month up to three percent of customer data becomes outdated. In such cases, it is waste of time, and resources to go looking for adequate data and purchasing a new prospect list which neither assures to provide the right addresses nor is worth the money.

Reverse data append is a quick solution for such data scarcity. As mentioned previously, it matches postal addresses, names and contact numbers of the leads in a marketer’s database to the existing data and offers up to 55 percent match rate of appended data.

In detail about how email append improves Click Through Rate (CTR)

Most records have email addresses, but not additional details such as zip code, phone, number, location etc. Adding these details to the existing database will make it even more potent and pave the way to newer marketing channels for a business.

Reverse email append services acquire these essential details for marketers to improve and design their email marketing campaigns. It also offers marketers an option to personalize emails according to designated segments or individual preferences. When emails are targeted personally to a customer or lead, there are chances of it being read.

Another method that helps improve CTR is through customer insights. Reverse email append services ensure to compile detailed B2B customer data from reliable sources employing manual and automated solutions. Using a large data repository, a marketer can determine new insights about their target audience and current prospects which further helps in customizing email messages.

In conclusion, reverse data appending is a sought after service by many organizations because it not only scrubs data but ensures to extract extra customer information for marketers to devise multiple marketing campaigns.